LVA chronicle

LVA CEO Thomas Breyer and Ronny Kudwin

2011 Ronny Kudwin becomes co-CEO of the LVA GmbH along with Thomas Breyer

2010 The establishment Agroinnovatia in the Ukraine is opening.

2010 LVA celebrates its 20th anniversary

2009 LVA again takes part in the Shell Service Award, and becomes regional champion in Saxony Anhalt 2009.

2009 On May 29, 2009 LVA Schoeppenstedt, An der Altenau4, was officially opened.

2008 Formation of an establishment in Wolmirstedt.

2008 LVA receives the John Deere Pflanzenschutz (plant protection) Excellence Award.

2008 Construction of a new building in Schoeppenstedt.

2007 Formation of the store LVA Schoeppenstedt.

2006 Completion of the new combine machine workshop.

2005 Granting of the first European Excellence Award for harvesting machinery by the John Deere chairman of the board Robert W. Lane.

2004 Construction of the office building and extension of the spare part storage building.

2003 First own stand at the Agritechnica trade show in Hannover.

2003 Extension of the John Deere product stewardship to Wolfenbuettel in the Lower Saxony state.

For the first time, the MF-Market-Share-Award (award for top market share of Massey Ferguson) is given to a Massey-Ferguson distribution partner in Germany. The award goes to the corporation Abendschein. market-share-award-2003

2002 Formation of the subsidiary company LaLaTec in Irxleben for the distribution and service of John Deere residential machinery.

2002 Spin-off of the LVA into an own GmbH (Ltd.).

2001 Shipment of 4 used combines with an Antonov freight plane at Hannover airport for a customer in Siberia.

2001 Extension of the estate in Altenweddingen with further buildings - now a total estate area of 27,082 m².

1999 1111. delivery of a tractor by the LVA. Delivery of a JD830 with special painting.

1996 Acquisition of the maintenance station on the estate in Altenweddingen.

After the German Reunification the first presentation of John Deere technology took place in Altenweddingen March 16, 1990. This legendary demonstration in front of an audience of over 2000 visitors induced Dietrich Breyer to actualise the formation of an establishment. 

Commencing of operations started on Sept 1, 1990 with 4 employees in the present buildings, which were at that time not quite comparable to their present status, regaring structural means. As senior executive, his son Thomas Breyer was in charge right from the beginning.

LVA in the early 90s